My mate Chris lost a dear friend to Cystic Fibrosis recently. Himself and his friends are raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust by cycling across Vietnam:

In February 2011, I will be taking part in a cycle across Vietnam, covering over 650km in 8 days, in order to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and to honour the memory of my beautiful friend Kirsty, who sadly passed away in March 2010 at the young age of 21. She had fought with Cystic Fibrosis all of her life and was an inspiration to us all.
Cystic Fibrosis is one of the UK’s most common life-threatening inherited diseases, which affects over 8,500 people per year. It effects the internal organs, especially the lungs and digestive system, which makes it hard to breathe and digest food. Each week, 5 babies are born with Cystic Fibrosis and 3 young lives are lost. There is currently no cure for CF, which is why the Cystic Fibrosis Trust use their funding to research treatments and cures, so that one day it can be cured.
Any donations will be massively appreciated, whether they are big or small! So thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring me in order to help me reach my £3,100 target.
Thank you, Chris

If any readers would like to donate to this great cause, and wish him and friends luck for this epic and probably exhausting trip, please follow the link below. Thankyou.

Jenn x


So I took a break from writing this blog to work on Planet Blanket, find a career, and learn to drive. I think all have come out quite well! Planet Blanket has flourished and I have had almost 100 squares sent from all over the world. I passed my driving test (yet to get a car) which I am so happy about. I have also been pursuing a career as a games writer: reviews, articles etc. Hopefully this will go well. I am going to open a new blog at some point to archive that work, so watch this space.

During my time away I have still found some cute things around the web. Here are a selection of my favourites (as there are far too many to list):

All from Sick for Cute!!! And yes that last image is a hamburger hat!!!

I have also started to love the website known as Geekologie. Some of the amazing articles I love best are these:

Conceptual Police Stilettos

Bioshock Cosplay (I have really got into Bioshock recently!!!)

The cutest cosplay Link EVER

So there we go… Im back and will keep writing, so there!

Jenn xxx

Huge catch up!

I have been so busy lately with Planet Blanket that I have not had time to write about all the amazing things I have found recently. So here is a huge selection of my favourite finds recently:

1. San-X Pillakuma Clover Mug – sold on ebay by acuteshop_online

2. Totoro hat – sold on Etsy by raucousgoods (already sold :( )

3. Tonari no Totoro skirt – sold on Etsy by PopCult

4. Totoro painting on wood – sold on Etsy by Mikakonicyo

5. Night Cap crochet pattern – sold on Etsy by Mamachee

6. Apple Cozy crochet pattern – sold on Etsy by jmatkovi

7. Brown Bear Cocoon and Hat crochet pattern – sold on Etsy by SandysCapeCodOrig

8. Cupcake crochet pattern – sold on Etsy by stripeyblue

9. Baby Turtle crochet pattern – sold on Etsy by bvoe668

10. Moomin crochet pattern – sold on Etsy by getfun

11. Panda crochet pattern – also sold on Etsy by getfun

12. Amazing collection on toy cameras – found on Flickr by Thonk!

13. Decadent Kawaii Glasses – found on Facebook by Apple Noggin

14 – 16 found at The Valve Store

14. Good Dog tshirt – from Half Life 2

15. Evolution tshirt – from Half Life 2

16. Hand tshirt – from Half Life 2


The following are all from ArtBox

1. Hello Kitty Animal Key Cap – Cute Cat

2. Panda Sleep Eye Mask

3. Chococat Plush – Paris Edition

4. Hello Kitty collectible figure – Medical Stripe

5. Cram Cream Burger Tin Pencil Case

6. Pencil Case – Happy Bear

7. Bonjour Panda Stick-It Pad

8. Cram Cream Plastic Cup – Hearts

9. Poppin’ Fresh Plastic Cup

10. Cookie’s Tea Recipe Plastic Cup

11. Panda in the Garden Plastic Cup

12. San-X Rilakkuma Water Bottle

13. San-X Rilakkuma Strawberry Mug

14. San-X Rilakkuma Strawberry Bowl

15. San-X Rilakkuma Mug – Cafe

16. Hello Kitty Plaster Tin

17. Decole Chocolat Fraise Mug – Pink

18. Bacon Plaster Tin

19. Stripey Panda Slippers

20. Panda Spot Socks

21. Kuririn Birthday Card

22. Keroppi Purse

23. Loungefly Burger Purse

24. Cute Sheep Pouch

25. Bear in Forest Tote Bag

26. Linda Linda Piece of Cake Keycap


So… yeah… I want them all please! Thats not asking for too much, right?! Haha…

Anyway as I said in the beginning, Planet Blanket is really taking off so most of my time is being spent replying to emails, and getting the project into the big wide world, oh, and crocheting more squares of course. It is getting rather exciting now!

I have also got several tickets to 3 different gigs in March and April, which I cant wait for! These are Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip with B Dolan – March 23rd, Frank Turner – March 24th, and AFI with Sick of it All – April 6th!!! Such amazing artists I am so so excited!

Now… more searching for jobs!

Jenn x

Planet Blanket!

I have created a brand new project!

Visit Planet Blanket for all the details. You can also join the Facebook group and become a fan.


Planet Blanket is dedicated to creating a crochet blanket, made using the ‘granny square’ design brief. I am calling for contributors to this project from all over the world, to crochet their own signature granny squares, and post them my way, to eventually be sewn together along with many others, to produce one almighty blanket!

The hope for this project is to unite people from around the world, interested in contributing to this (hopefully) huge blanket. I hope every contributor adds their own creative flair to their square(s), making the whole blanket interesting to view.

If you wish to contribute to this project, whether you are an expert crochet-er… or just keen to be involved, please view http://planetblanket.wordpress.com Visit the BRIEF page to find the specifications required. Visit the PATTERN page to find instructions on how to make your square if you are a beginner, and visit the IDEAS page for creative influences to help your squares along.


I AM SO EXCITED, this project has already got quite a few people working on it, and it has only launched on the weekend!

This is my excited face:

Jenn xxx

Today I wrote a very short yet sweet review of ‘The Impossible Game’ from the Indie Games on Xbox Live. Robin was the first to introduce me to this game, and since then myself and many others have been constantly sucked into it like an plane’s engine at high speed.

You can find my review here, but for anyone who cant be bothered to go there, I shall copy and paste to here also:


The Impossible Game!!!


If you haven’t downloaded and attempted ‘The Impossible Game’ already from the Indie Games section of the Arcade, then I am sending out a warning to you now… do not download this game. It will suck your life away like 20 pots of your favourite flavoured Pringles; once you pop, etc etc…

3 hours after download I was almost in tears and ready to smash the Xbox into several million pieces using only the back of a spoon for satisfaction. How can such a simple game cause so much trouble! DAMN YOU TRIANGLES… the bane of my existence!

Argument 1: this continues to persist within the household; is your ‘character’ (if you can call a square a character… I think I can… HE is an ARSE!) a red or orange square? Some say red, some say orange. I like to think it is the colour of the Red-Orange Crayola crayon from way back when.

Argument 2: is it the square that is running forward, to almost certain doom? or is it the floor cascading impenetrable objects towards the square, much like a dose of a certain course from Total Wipeout (amazing TV show if you havent seen it before) in which a contestant in flippers has to run along a treadmill floor, while items such as blow up dolphins and whales get tossed his way, until humour inevitably unfolds.

The gameplay is undoubtably so simple, yet so HARD! This is just one of the most hate-filled games I have ever played. The only control is (A) to jump, hold (A) to jump continuously, and release (A) to slide on square… that is IT!!!

The music is straight forward; to me is sounds like something from Scoob’s DJ set… yet better (har har), and is so ridiculously satisfying when it comes in with a heavy beat,… and you know you are doing better than you usually do,… and your heart starts to race,… and your hands start to sweat,.. and then BAM!… start again….ARGH TRIANGLE!

I have shown this game to many acquaintances now, and all have suffered the same ill fate. Heed my warning…

So the verdict:
Annoyingly satisfying… I cant keep away


So that is that…

I passed my driving theory test yesterday, was so pleased! I have been busy revising the last few days (I know… tut tut… late revision) but it seemed to help and I only got one question wrong out of 50, and the hazard perception section seemed to me like a driving computer game, so I played it as one! Hooray! One less thing to worry about! My driving lessons seem to be going really well, I just cant wait to get it all over and done with, and get a car.

Jenn xxx

Recently we have seen a flock of birds roosting in the tree in next door’s garden. I was not sure if it was a finches (slightly too large) or thrushes (which are usually solitary). I took some photographs today and I think I have identified them on the RSPB website as Redwings, which are from the thrush family. There are at least ten in the area as they have all been in the tree at once at some points. Below is the image from the RSPB website, and my photos from the garden, which I think equates to the same species:

According to the RSPB website they are under the red status, meaning they are globally under threat, with:

  • Historical population decline in UK during 1800–1995
  • Severe (at least 50%) decline in UK breeding population over last 25 years, or longer-term period (the entire period used for assessments since the first BoCC review, starting in 1969).
  • Severe (at least 50%) contraction of UK breeding range over last 25 years, or the longer-term period

They do not usually venture to gardens unless there is heavy snowfall over the fields they usually live in, so I suppose we are quite lucky to see them here.

Anyway that is my geeky moment of the day! They are still in the tree but it is getting dark and is snowing heavily so I will try to take more photos midday tomorrow.

Jenn xxx

Since my Christmas post I have been rather busy. Ryan and I went back to our hometown of Harlow in sunny Essex for new years celebrations, and also to see my sister on the 1st, as it was her 18th birthday! Here are a few ‘better’ photos of myself and Ryan, with a few others enjoying new years at The Square:

Mostly photos of myself, Ryan, Danny and Kat. The top photo includes myself (looking horrendously drunk), Kat, Elsie, Charlotte, Kirsty and Lou. Yes in most of the photos I am wearing mutton chop sunglasses, and yes in most of the photos I have spilt drink down my top… Great night! :)

This is us the morning after, hurting slightly…

So the festive season is over for another year and as usual we are skint. I got a crochet book for Christmas from my mum which I have been looking through, and I have also been revising for my driving theory test next week; I am quite nervous but I know that most of the answers are common sense so it should be fine! Ryan’s parents bought us a lawn mower for Christmas as we didnt have one and our garden usually looks like a jungle, but due to it snowing AGAIN we havent had the chance to try it out yet. Ryan has started to ride his bike to and from work, which I think is a lovely idea and I hope he keeps it up, except this weather has again hindered progress. I always find it amusing how unequipped England is for a few inches of snow fall. My Finnish and other European friends laugh at how stuck we get at the thought of trying to get to work in the snow. The fact is that our lack of spare ‘snow’ wheels for our cars, which they all seem to have back in their countries, and the incompetence of our councils and governments to grit anywhere means that it is very dangerous for us to drive and even walk to some locations. I, for example have a large hill going down to the local shops. Sure it is fine to walk down on the day or day after it snows, but as soon as that becomes impacted and icy, I cant reach the shops safely, so goodness knows how older people get around if I cant even get to the shop. Anyway… rant over… I didnt get to go for my driving lesson today due to the snow so I think I am just a bit angry at the snow in general. I love looking at it, but do not like the impact it causes to our lives, including the fact that it is cold and I have to keep my heating on alot…

On other notes, I completed Assassin’s Creed 2 on the Xbox, it was great and the ending is pretty epic. I cant wait for the next one so they can shed some light onto the crazy happenings towards the end. I also completed Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Half Life 2 with the 2 episodes included. I think I have gone a bit game crazy recently. I still have Dragon Age: Origins to start, which I will get to soon…

I am also very excited today as I just purchased tickets to see Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, supported by B Dolan, on 23rd March in Camden. The day after we are also seeing Frank Turner in Camden so it is going to be an amazing two days I think! I really cant wait!

Just to finish off here are a few cute and amazing things I have found recently (click on the images to find the source):

1. Mini Dolls House Necklace – by CreaShines

2. Choro Robo Q

3. Yurakoro Lucky Cats (I have one already!!!)

4. Solar Lanterns

5. Salt and Pepper Bots

6. Lego Family Home

7. Bioshock 2: Big Sister and Little Sister (Little Sister fits in basket on the back!)

8. Bioshock 2: Big Daddy

9. The Legend of Zelda: Skull Kid statue

10. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Link statue with Fire Tunic

Anyway… that is everything up to date I think, everyone enjoy yet another snow day!!!

Jenn xxx


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